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We speak about terrorism with its fatalities and casualties in the physical realm, but the mystery that most remain oblivious to is the war fomenting all around us—the war for our minds. There are unseen forces that desire to manipulate our thinking and decision-making. Ultimately, this is a war of biblical proportions; it is the clashing of kingdoms from before time began.

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Did you hear the news? There are reports floating around that suggest gay men who are born with older brothers are more likely to be bottoms. Why might that be?

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A photo posted by ryanbeatty on Jun 28, at pm PDT. But not to let other social media outlets feel neglected, he took to Twitter a few hours later to add some some color commentary:. Good for him though.

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This spring, North Carolina became the battleground. By now, confrontations have flared across the country over whether to protect or curtail the right of transgender people to use public restrooms in accordance with their gender identity. The upshot, in virtually every case, has been emotional debate over privacy, personal safety and prejudice. Many of those who favor limiting transgender rights contend that expanding anti-bias protections to bathrooms and locker rooms raises the risk of sexual predators exploiting the laws to molest women and girls on those premises.

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He explained why he decided to reveal his sexual orientation with a photo of a couple holding onto each other behind a pink balloon that reads, "Gay Power. In the caption, the year-old wrote, "proud to be a raging homosexual. In a series of tweeted he wrote, "I'm so happy I'm gay.

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This week join your podcasters and their special guest, The Internet, as they break down all the stories from San Diego Comic Con !! He also writes a comic book review column on thenerddome. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Username or Email Address. Remember Me. On the evening of the 24th of Maytwo detectives of the Austro Hungarian security service are standing in a room at the stately Hotel Klomser in Vienna. They stand in front of the head of their own security service: General Alfred Redl.

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In it, he took issue with the concepts of "liberty" and "dignity. This is why, Thomas wrote, the majority led by Justice Anthony Kennedy focused its opinion on the petitioners' "dignity. But Thomas wrote that there is no "dignity" clause in the US Constitution — and that, even if there was, the government could not bestow it upon a person or take it away.

They are now openly active in the military. Courts presided over by homosexual judges have overturned legally instituted referendums banning same-sex marriage. A National Basketball Association player has come out. And now, factions within the Boy Scouts of America have been successful in allowing openly homosexual boys into the organization.


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