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I first began to write poetry during the summer of It was bad enough being the one lesbian, but it became harder once the focus of the group turned to writing and performing erotic poetry. Feeling increasingly invisible by descriptions of heterosexual intercourse, an idea of a poem, Bad Girl Persona began to emerge— a poem about hot lesbian seduction and sex.

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Add to Read List. Sliding my hands down her back, I caress every part of her skin, tracing outlines of her body Our breathing gets deeper, stronger and loud Creating a feeling no one could ever grade. Her hands move round my hip, gentle and calm She strokes my thighs as I stoke hers Sensations which are unbearable begin to develop And I gradually lose control.

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Listen I know she splits open your ribcage when she laughs and leaves you hollow. I know. You make a thousand metaphors about her with things that can never really compare with her but search them out anyway.

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One of the most famous lesbian poets of all time, Elsa Gidlow, was born on this day in Her collection titled A Grey Thread was the first instance of openly lesbian love poetry to be published in North America. Elsa Gidlow photographed in at age 27 x.

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I can understand why it is questioned that Emily Dickinson was a true lesbian love poet. After all, soon after her death and even during her life timeeditors messed up her poems ridiculously. For example.

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Add to list. You got it Like that Kinky lesbian Sex I lay my hands upon your breasts, and tap into your soul, I run my lips across your neck, and lust slowly takes it toll, I give you a taste, of what is so close and near, I quickly pull you away, and lick you with no fear, I start to hear your moans and cries, as I go faster and faster in, I swirl my tongue around your thighs, and taste your sweet, cold creme. I push my breasts against your face, and sweat starts to pour, I rub my face against your skin, and you loudly scream for more, I tie you down with ropes and chains, so tight and yet so smooth, I push my tongue into your cl it, I just love the way you move, The sweet scent of pussy, in darkness and in light, I nibble on your nipples, and you cum with no fight, But wait, I'm not done with you, Lets go for it again, again I make love to you, and you beg me to never end.

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A high-school favorite, William Carlos Williams has a knack for saying so much with so little. While some of his most popular poems are short and charmingly accessible—. There are benefits to this of course, and the succinct succulence of his poems has been known to turn people on to the art of reciting poetry — being able to quote things can be stylish, too.

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In honor of Autostraddle. All written-on-the-body like, all tippingthevelvetish. Before a face suddenly numinous, her eyes watered, knees melted. Its documented torrents are unloosed by such events as recently produced not the wish, but the need, to consume, in us, one pint of Maalox, one of Kaopectate.


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