Erotic music for role play

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Bonnie Gabriel, author of The Fine Art of Erotic Talkoffers delightful, sensitive ways to bring role playing and fantasy games into your lovemaking. Gabriel suggests starting by kissing or holding your partner so there is a natural flow of erotic energy between you. For example: You might stroke the back of her neck and then caress her left ear, or lightly run your fingers across his chest and then add more pressure.

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Yeah, that needs to change. We spoke with journalist and Durex sex and relationship expert Alix Fox about this national slump in libido. We mean you being different people.

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You won't be able to keep your hands off each other. Being in a healthy long-term relationship is wonderful. It means you always have someone there for you — to be your best friend, your shoulder to cry on and permanent dinner date.

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Most people who know what I do for a living would expect my closet to be stocked with sexy getups—a naughty nurse costume, a frilly maid's uniform, a too-tight secretary outfit, you name it. I seem on the surface to be the sort of woman who would be an expert at role-playing, that sexy game where a couple take on new identities to fulfill a naughty fantasy. After all, I write about sex for a living, and I've covered everything from "hookup culture" to pornography. Surely, a sexpert like myself would have tried her hand at some erotic theater, right?

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I have lived my entire sexual life as someone who knows basically nothing about the best songs to play during sex. I lost my virginity to the decidedly unsensual ska-punk sounds of Operation Ivy; and after a series of boyfriends who liked to bump uglies to the less-than-erotic music of Pearl Jam or the Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle soundtrack, I kind of gave up on the whole sex music thing. I got into running a box fan as white noise to try to keep my roommates from hearing me bone, and I dismissed the pursuit of the perfect sex song as a hopeless endeavor.

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Okay, moment of truth. Do you have a sex playlist? Whether you've got multiple musical collections, each specific to the positions presented in the Kama Sutraor the thought of grinding to the beat of bedroom pop makes you blush, there is no denying that seven and a half minutes of Justin Timberlake setting the mood with his smooth falsetto is just what the love doctor ordered.

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Strip off your clothes and rest on your bed while your partner gives you a full-body massage. This should include him lifting you onto your desk and eating you out. Bad boy.

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We love to get kinky in the bedroom and roleplaying is one of our favorite things to do. Dressing up, living out our fantasies, using props, using sex toys and using our imagination are just some of the ways that we live out these roleplay ideas. I wanted to make a list that you can also follow and get inspiration from if you are looking to get involved in roleplay or even if you just need some ideas for your next sex session.

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There are plenty of things you can do to spice up your sex life, even if you've been with your partner for a long time. All you need is a break from how you and your partner usually interact. And the best way to do that?

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Vampires are seductive. The lure of being taken into their dark world is appealing but can be dangerous. On first sight, we are a very normal but stylish Night Club with a few dance and play areas. Our roleplay can be lighthearted or deep, sexy or rough and while being inside our Club, our Vamps and other dark creatures live the "Masquerade".


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