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Each card contains information such as line, lineage, out-of-water oow date, and sex if confirmed. Offspring are not typically held in grow-out long enough to sell sexed pairs. Jump to.

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I just psted a question about some Dendrobates images on Talk:Frog. It appears at least one of them is misclassified. Someone disambiguated the fruit flies link in Toxicity to point to Tephritidae.

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What are Poison Dart Frogs? Although the hobby of keeping Poison Dart Frogs entered the United States over 3 decades ago, the successes of captive husbandry and breeding programs now maintain the majority of their demand by hobbyists. Through many years of acquired knowledge, it has elevated itself into it's very own hierarchy of herpetofauna and herpetoculture.

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There is also a separate window to watch the world of tadpoles as they begin their transformation. With several large, eye-catching interpretive displays within the exhibit, visitors can read interesting facts about each species and learn about the global crisis in amphibian survival. The exhibit not only showcases these unique, colorful amphibians, it also teaches and inspires guests about one of the greatest and most urgent conservation undertakings ever: the preservation of frogs and amphibians.

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I keep a small collection of dart frogs that has been changing over time. I started my collection focused mainly on Dendrobates tinctorius locales ranging from Azureus, BakhuisRobertusTrue Sipaliwini and Lorenzo. The main focus of my collection is strengthening the Lorenzo locale, as they are under-represented and could easily disappear from the hobby without better management.

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Bright blue animals are a rarity in nature and this species is unquestionably one of the most spectacular. Few dart frog collections exist without Blue Poison Dart Frogs being present; a must for any serious keeper. What does the Blue Poison Dart Frog look like? Predominantly blue in colour, bearing irregular patches of black.

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Complexities and Strategies for keeping and breeding D. The Dendrobates tinctorius color forms, as well as the closely related Dendrobates azureus, are among the most popular of the whole dart frog family. Many of my customers buy these frogs as beginner or starter dart frogs, and in many ways, I can't recommend them enough, they are incredibly beautiful, and are among the boldest of dart frogs.

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Dendrobates leucomelas is considered easy to breed, although the species will never be as fecund as many other common species of dart frogs. This is most likely due to their activity patterns in the wild — a month dry season stops breeding, which resumes with the rains. In captivity, even bumble bee dart frogs several generations removed from their wild counterparts still follow this pattern, much to the frustration of frog breeders everywhere.


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