Wieght training for teens

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The other day, 16 year-old Tyler asked his mom if she would buy him a set of dumbbells. He wanted to start working out, especially his arms and upper body. Supervision by a trained professional is key to successful strength training, says Joseph Molonya physical therapist and coordinator of the Young Athlete Program at Hospital for Special Surgery.

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Although children can begin weight training earlier, they don't usually build muscle until they hit puberty and hormones make it possible to increase muscle mass. Teens who work out with weights, as well as exercise aerobically, reduce by half their risk for sports injuries. Weight training also helps improve sports performance.

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Your Teen asked Dr. Need more exercise help? Weiss Kelly : Experts in pediatrics and sports medicine generally agree that it is safe for children to participate in well-supervised strength training programs.

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A balanced exercise routine includes aerobic cardio activity, stretching, and strength training. Walking, running, and swimming are examples of aerobic activity. Aerobic activity strengthens your heart and lungs.

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High school and college athletes are bigger, stronger and faster than they were 20 years ago. Patrol the prep gridiron in your hometown and you're certain to find a bevy of new-breed, helmeted leviathans making and taking the hits, the byproduct of a generation bent on building better athletes through careful adherence to weight training and proper nutrition. Once considered an activity reserved for beach-going Ken doll types, weight training has claimed its rightful place in the curriculum of young athletes.

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Is weight training healthy for girls who are still growing? How much is too much? But, weight lifting is not the only way to increase strength.

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Strength training offers kids many benefits, but there are important caveats to keep in mind. Here's what you need to know about youth strength training. Strength training for kids?

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One of the biggest myths about weight lifting is that it stunts your growth. No studies have ever been shown that lifting weights stunts or inhibits growth. Although numerous articles have been written for the older bodybuilder who is just beginning, I feel that the true beginner, the child, has been neglected. This article will focus on weight lifting for children and teenagers and its risks, benefits, and controversies.

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The present review clarifies some common myths associated with strength training in children, and it outlines the most current recommendations. Also reviewed were recommendations from consensus guidelines and position statements applicable to strength training in youth. Youth need to continue to train at least 2 times per week to maintain strength.

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Will weight training stunt an adolescent's growth? How old is old enough to begin weight training? What type of program should adolescents follow? These are all questions commonly asked when dealing with weight training and adolescents.


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