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Sibling sexual abuse is one of the most closely-guarded secrets in the area of family violence. No one wants to believe that brothers and sisters are capable of abusing one another. They want to explain away the abuse as normal childhood curiosity.

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At a very young age, children begin to explore their bodies by touching, poking, pulling, and rubbing their body parts, including their genitals. As children grow older, they will need guidance in learning about these body parts and their functions. When these behaviors happen, try to redirect your child's attention to more appropriate behavior by saying something such as, "Grown-ups do that in private, and you should, too.

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Childhood sexual health exploration in the form of play is natural and healthy, and involves sexual behaviors that:. In particular, typical sexual behaviors of younger children do not include more advanced adult-like sex behaviors. In adolescents, some "normative" sex behaviors that include more advanced sex activities may be defined as problematic and illegal by family or cultural norms or state and federal laws.

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Publication summary. View publication as a single page. There are some indicators that may be useful in the identification of sibling sexual abuse for parents and professionals, however they are marked by inconsistencies between studies and cover cultural, therapeutic and legal frameworks.

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A unique insight into why young children sexually abuse other children is to be revealed in a ground-breaking study. The research, which has yet to be formally published, was on boys aged 10 or under who have molested siblings, classmates, or friends. It found that they are invariably born into families in which abuse, violence and neglect has become routine over several generations.

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While there is no universal agreement over its definition, sibling sexual abuse SSA is acknowledged internationally as a prevalent form of child sexual abuse but tends not to be recognised by health professionals, according to sexologist Dr Eve. In her blog, Dr Eve says "Sibling sexual abuse captures a broad continuum of sexual behaviours in childhood and adolescence that exceed the threshold of age-appropriate curiosity. There has not been a lot of research done because of the secret nature of this and the damage and the danger around it.

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All data and materials of this study are readily and openly available, and we are ready to hand these over upon request. Background: Older siblings are one of the key sources of beliefs about sexual activity, including safe sexual practices, and can even exert pressure to engage in sexual activities. This effect persists beyond parental supervision and peer pressure.

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Buehler in the Media. There seems to be a lot of confusion about where the line is, even for skilled therapists. As a psychologist who at one time trained teachers, parents, and children about abuse while working for the Los Angeles Unified School District, the rule is that if there is a big age discrepancy between siblings, then what looks like curiosity can be abusive. When a parent does not set appropriate boundaries and such touching or viewing continues, that may be abuse.

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This paper is about young people who have committed acts of sexual abuse. It is written for those who might come across this issue in their day-to-day work and would like to know what the current research and practice says about understanding and responding to this group of young people. Many of the issues discussed in this paper are relevant to sexually abusive behaviour by all young people, regardless of their age.

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Normal sexual curiosity, exploration, and experimentation among siblings in childhood and adolescence can be distinguished from sexual exploitation or sexually abusive behavior, although both types of behavior may be displayed by the same sibling pair. Sexual behavior which can be termed incestuous may occur among various family members e. Distinguishing normal sexual exploratory behavior from sexually abusive behavior is difficult in itself, but the difficulty is compounded by attempting to distinguish between nonabusive and abusive incest. What is considered to be normal, what is considered incestuous, what is considered abusive or nonabusive depends in part upon the values and norms of the culture.


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